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Ex-Facebook Sustainability Chief Launches ‘Climate Voice’ to Push Companies on Environmental Crisis

Facebook’s ex sustainability head has opened an organization to assist employees at giant firms to press their executives for more aggressive policies to fight the climate crisis.Ex-Facebook Sustainability Chief Launches ‘Climate Voice’ to Push Companies on Environmental Crisis

Hundreds of organizations have pledged to cut emissions in their own operations to be in line with the 2015 Paris Settlement, in which governments aim to curb global warming to well under 2 degrees Celsius.

Beyond their own activities, nonetheless, many corporations have refrained from advocating for broader solutions needed to avoid a worldwide catastrophe, stated Bill Weihl, who headed sustainability efforts at Facebook and Google and will head the new group, ClimateVoice.

Employees at giant tech firms have objected to selling cloud services to Big Oil, and firms are hesitant to use lobbying influence on behalf of specific laws.

ClimateVoice is coming forth as a volunteer effort; however, it aims to raise funds and hire employees soon after launch.

Weihl stated it could seek to organize and elaborate climate activism among tech employees to press executives to urge on behalf of legislative efforts around the climate crisis

Employees have become a vital constituency in the climate change debate, particularly at giant tech companies. Microsoft and Amazon declared more ambitious emissions goals after staff ultimately made their concerns publicly heard.

Bruce Hahne retired as a technical program manager at Google this month. He reprimanded the company in a public letter for selling technology to the energy sector to more effectively produce fossil fuels — repeating concerns raised by workers at Microsoft and Amazon.

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