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Huawei, Verizon Feud Over Unauthorized Patent Use in U.S. Court

China’s Huawei Technologies has opened legal action against Verizon Communications, alleging the U.S. carrier used 12 of its patents without permission.Huawei, Verizon Feud Over Unauthorized Patent Use in U.S. Court

The telecommunications equipment manufacturer is looking for compensation for the use of its technology in areas similar to computer networking, download security, and video communications confirmed documents filed with the Eastern and Western District courts in Texas.

Verizon has previously refused to comment on its patent conflict with Huawei.

Huawei couldn’t provide a figure on the compensation as it doesn’t have a breakdown of the patents’ alleged addition to Verizon’s services, stated an individual with direct knowledge of the matter.

In the courtroom documents, Huawei stated Verizon has “profited greatly” from its technology, with the U.S. agency’s Wireline segment – which included voice, data, and video communications products.

Verizon and Huwaei held six in-person meetings over the matter since the last February; however, it didn’t reach a settlement, stated the person, who was not authorized to talk publicly on the subject and so refused to be identified.

In June, Huawei was seeking compensation from Verizon for the use of over 200 of its patents.

The Chinese firm determined to take action for 12 patents since it considered evidence for them was clearest and that the number was feasible for the courtroom.

In December, Huwaei mounted a legal challenge against the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) after the body named it a security threat – which Huawei refuses – and barred it from a government subsidy plan.

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