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A Fifth Former Google Worker Accusing the Company of Improperly Firing Employees for Labor Organizing Activity

A 5th former Google worker has filed a complaint with federal regulators accusing the company of improperly firing workers for labor organizing activity. Kathryn Spiers, a security engineer, stated Google fired her after she created a pop-up notification for workers to tell them of their labor rights.

In late November, Google fired four different employees for what the company stated have been violations of its information security policy. Those employees say they do not believe they violated company policies and that Google was really firing them as a result of they have been all involved in numerous organizing activities on the company. Google disputes that.

Google is understood for having probably the most outspoken workforces in tech. Employees have pushed back on points starting from the company’s dealing with sexual misconduct allegations to its contracts with federal agencies.

However, recently, some employees say the company has been losing patience with its traditionally open culture and is cracking down on labor organizing. Spiers wrote in a publish revealed on Medium that a part of her job was to create browser notifications to remind workers of firm policies.

The notification showed up when workers visited the consulting group’s website. Under a settlement Google reached with the National Labor Relations Board in September, the company agreed to post notices to remind employees of the federal rights they have.

Spiers had been involved in organizing at Google, she wrote on Twitter, including worker resistance to the company working with Customs and Border Patrol. The five employees have filed unfair labor apply complaints with the NLRB.

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