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The Study Discovers Postmenopausal Women Who Consumed Refined Carbs Are More Likely to Develop Insomnia

An estimated 30% of adults experience insomnia and new research by researchers at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons means that diet could also be partly to blame.

The examine discovered that postmenopausal women who consumed a diet excessive in refined carbohydrates—particularly added sugars—have been more likely to develop insomnia. Women whose diet included larger amounts of vegetables, fiber, and whole fruit (not juice) had been less more likely to develop issues with insomnia.

Previous research has explored a possible link between refined carbohydrates and insomnia; however, results have been inconsistent. And since the research did not comply with people over time, it isn’t clear if a diet that is excessive in refined carbs triggered the onset of insomnia, or if insomnia caused people to eat more sweets.

One method to decide if carb consumption is causing sleep issues is to look for the emergence of insomnia in people with completely different diets.

Within the present, examine Gangwisch, and his staff gathered knowledge from greater than 50,000 members within the Women’s Health Initiative who had accomplished meal diaries. The researchers checked out whether or not women with a larger dietary glycemic index had been more likely to develop insomnia.

The research discovered that the upper the dietary glycemic index—significantly when fueled by the consumption of added sugars and processed grains—the higher the danger of developing insomnia. In addition, they found that women who consumed extra vegetables and complete fruits (not juices) were much less more likely to develop insomnia.

Since most individuals, not simply postmenopausal women, experience a rapid rise in blood sugar after consuming refined carbohydrates, the authors suspect that these findings might also hold true in a broader population.

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