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Study Says Majority Make-Up Products Are Contaminated with Life Threatening Superbugs

The vast majority of in-use of make-up products such as beauty blenders, mascara, and lip gloss are contaminated with potentially life-threatening superbugs, new analysis from Aston University revealed within the Journal of Applied Microbiology has revealed.

Make-up products used on a daily basis by millions of individuals within the UK are contaminated with potentially deadly bugs, such as E.coli and Staphylococci, as a result of most will not be being cleaned and are used far beyond their expiry dates, new research led by Dr. Amreen Bashir and Professor Peter Lambert of Aston University’s School of Life and Health Sciences has shown.

Bacteria that may trigger illnesses starting from skin infections to blood poisoning if used close to eyes, mouth, or cuts or grazes had been present in nine out of ten of the products. This risk is amplified in immunocompromised people who find themselves more likely to contract infections from opportunistic bacteria.

The comparatively new magnificence blenders—sponges used to use skin basis products—had been discovered to have the very best ranges of potentially dangerous bacteria—with the vast majority (93 percent) not having ever been cleaned, regardless of more than two thirds (64 percent) being dropped on the ground sooner or later throughout use.

The analysis is the first to take a look at beauty blender products—vastly popular make-up sponges used to blend foundation and contouring on the face. Usually endorsed by celebrities, these sponges are estimated to have offered over 6.5million worldwide. The Aston researchers discovered these merchandises are particularly vulnerable to contamination as they’re usually left damp after use, which creates a super breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

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