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Features That Will Be Lacking in Upcoming iPhone

Rumors and hype regarding the 2019 iPhone launch are hitting critical mass, and a few are permitting expectations and imaginations to run wild. While it sure is good to need things, listed here are issues that you’re not going to see on the following iPhone.

While this feature is already trickling right down to Android handsets, this isn’t going to land on the iPhone until next year. However now that Apple has scooped up Intel’s flopped 5G model business, we know it will happen. And given the shortage of 5G coverage right now, Apple does not have to rush.

As Samsung’s Galaxy Fold showed, typically you do not need to be first. We think AppFeaturesle is going to take a seat on the sidelines and see how folding phones are received by consumers before making any move into this territory.

Much like the TrueDepth infrared camera array utilized by Face ID found on the front of the present crop of iPhones, including this to the rear cameras would allow the iPhone to create a 3D map of objects which can be a lot further away. This featured is prone to land in 2020.

Apple is seen to be in discussions with LG and Samsung over the manufacturing of OLED displays that may switch between 60Hz and 120Hz.

While it is possible that Apple could launch a cheaper iPhone in China – and this feels increasingly unlikely – that iPhone would not be launched within the US. Those in search of a “cheaper” iPhone will have to make do with old iPhones.

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