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New Wired Gaming Mouse by Razer

The 79 USD Razer Viper is the lightest wired gaming mouse we’ve ever used. It weighs just 69 grams, which we realized is the weight of two standard-sized light bulbs. Those who desire a hefty mouse with added weights won’t need a lot to do with it, however throughout our week with the Viper. We actually liked how easy it was to flick along the mouse pad at any time when the in-game moment calls for some brisk, twitchy movement.

The relative weightlessness — at the least in comparison with the Logitech G502 Lightspeed I’ve been utilizing, which weighs 130 grams with all of its added weight installed — doesn’t come at the expense of ergonomics. The Viper molds well to hand and its ambidextrous design accommodate both left- and right-handed individuals with two macro buttons on both of its sides. It additionally doesn’t come at the expense of innovative hardware features.

The Viper makes use of optical switches in place of mechanical ones under its predominant left and right mouse buttons. These enhance on standard mechanical switches in some essential ways. Physical switches have to press a metallic contact to send a signal to your computer, and that signal is inherently slower and generally more prone to unintended misfires due to the fact that they bounce a number of times when you hit them. Optical switches are more responsive, says Razer, and more dependable than their physical counterparts.

That is Razer’s first mouse with optical switches, although it’s not the first to market on the technology. Razer said that it helps to boost the Viper’s lifespan to an impressive 70 million clicks, which is 20 million more than the mechanical switches in Razer’s Death Adder Elite (which is featured in our best gaming mice roundup) are able to, and generally, well ahead of where its competitors are.

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