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Google Will Change Voice Search to Google Assistant

Google is reportedly within the process of changing voice search on Android devices with Google Assistant.

In accordance with a report from 9to5Google, the old voice search icon has been changed with an Assistant icon within the Google app and search bar widget.

As well as, the search bar widget now invites customers to “Ask your Assistant,” when previously it had the message “Say “Hey Google.”

When triggered, voice queries are performed by Assistant and outcomes open in a slide-up panel.

It seems this change hasn’t been rolled out to all Android customers, although 9to5Google can confirm it has been rolled out to some.

Google shifting the focus from regular voice search to Assistant is an indication of where Google wants to guide the future of its services.

This transformation could probably affect a small percentage of organic search traffic to publishers, given the Assistant’s penchant for offering direct answers.

When customers are given the answers they want from Google Assistant, they don’t have to search and click on through to publishers’ sites.

Though it’s essential to keep in mind that Assistant can’t present a direct answer to every question.

Again, this variation solely has the potential to affect whichever percentage of searches are conducted utilizing voice search on Android.

However, it’s impossible to know precisely how massive or small that percentage is because Google doesn’t present voice search data.

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