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A Newly Launched Fitness Band for Your Pet

Whistle has launched a brand new wearable for pets that owners can use to track their furry friends’ whereabouts, health, and safety.

The Whistle Go and Whistle Explore wearables transcend standard pet-tracking apps by including health monitoring.

In a survey of 1,000 U.S. residents, almost half of pet owners ranked their pet as a top-three concern, while dog owners’ top-ranked issues about their dogs, all tied at 18%, have been running away, health, and safety.

The brand new trackers will keep pet owners linked all the time, with real-time location monitoring and improved battery life.

“Whistle Go and Whistle Discover will present pet owners a new window into their pet’s world by serving to reply the highest questions owners have regarding their pets, similar to location, exercise, and health,” mentioned Whistle CEO Collette Bunton in a statement. “With the addition of groundbreaking health options, like itching and licking detection and sleep monitoring, Whistle has become an intelligent software empowering pet owners with new insights that create awareness around our pets’ health and well-being.”

The Whistle Go has new conduct monitoring and health features. Along with their team of knowledge scientists and Banfield veterinarians, Whistle is pioneering 3-year research of over 55,000 dogs to look at behavior and health trends in detail.

Nearly half (43%) of respondents within the survey mentioned they fear about their dog getting sufficient exercise, and almost 60% of dogs worldwide are thought of obese or overweight, with some breeds living up to two and a half years much less when outside a healthy weight range.

Whistle helps pet owners by providing a recommended daily amount of exercise for their pet, in addition to reporting on calories burned, total active minutes, time spent resting, percentage attainment of each day activity goals, and more.

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