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Samsung Galaxy A20 and A10e Will Be Available in T-Mobile

Samsung is slowly starting to carry more of its mid-range gadgets to the USA. Some carriers began selling the Galaxy A50 last month, while the lower-end A10e became available from AT&T two weeks ago. If you’re a T-Mobile customer, you can grab both the A20 and A10e beginning July 26th. Alternatively, if you’re on the Metro by T-Mobile NVMO, it is available now.

The Galaxy A20 is the better-equipped of the two, sporting an Exynos 7884 system-on-a-chip, 3GB of RAM, a beefy 4,000mAh battery, and a dual-camera array (one 13MP primary, one 5MP ultra-wide). It even retains the IP68 waterproofing of the more expensive Galaxy phones, which is something of a rarity at the $250 price range. T-Mobile says it’ll also be available for $10 down and $10/month for some customers.

Next is the Galaxy A10e, which T-Mobile is providing for $0 down and $7.30/month, or $175 outright. Compared to the A20, it has a smaller non-AMOLED display, less RAM, a smaller battery, and no wide-angle camera. It additionally drops the water resistance. It still has a headphone jack.

Both phones have been available in different markets for a number of months, and reception from consumers has mostly been constructive. The A20, for instance, is presently at 4/5 stars on Amazon India (out of 117 reviews). T-Mobile will start selling both units on July 26th, and the pair are already available from Metro by T-Mobile.

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