China Says Donald Trump Is Misleading People

China Says Donald Trump Is Misleading People

China on Tuesday rebuffed a suggestion from United States President Donald Trump that Beijing wants a trade deal with the USA as a result of its economy is slowing, saying this was “totally misleading” and that both nations needed an agreement.

Donald Trump, in a Monday tweet, seized on slowing economic development in China as proof that U.S. tariffs have been having “a major effect” and warned that Washington could pile on more pressure.

Official data on Monday confirmed China’s economic growth cooled to 6.2% within the second quarter, the weakest annual pace in at least 27 years, amid trade pressure from the USA. Within the first half, the economy grew 6.3 % compared with a year earlier.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang mentioned China’s first-half pace was a “not bad performance” considering world economic uncertainty and slowing world growth, and consistent with outside expectations.

China’s growth was good for the world, and also the United States economy, Geng informed a daily news briefing.

“As for United States’ so-called ‘because China’s financial system is slowing, so China urgently hopes to reach an agreement with the U.S. side,’ that is entirely misleading,” he added.

Both China and the USA needed to reach a trade deal, not China alone, Geng stated.

The People’s Daily mentioned it was “laughable” to say the Chinese economic system was being given trouble by the United States tariffs.

“From investment and trade to technology, China is contributing increasingly positive energy to global development,” it mentioned in a commentary. “These irrefutable details are not negated by anyone raising a hubbub.”

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