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Get Is the Future Of Smartwatches

It appears to be like an elegant fitness tracker and acts like a smartwatch, but it has no buttons nor a screen. It additionally performs audio if you touch your finger to your ear and is controlled entirely by way of customizable gestures and voice instructions. It is called Get, and its creators think it could change how we connect with each other and our information.

Get is the brainchild of Parini, who first conceived of the product in 2015 as a part of his diploma course at the University of Art and Design of Lausanne, Switzerland. 2 years later, Parini and his twin brother Emiliano took part within the Progressive Enterprise Incubator of the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy.

Generally known as I3P the incubator is ranked as among the best university incubators worldwide. The twins’ firm, Deed, came out of this course of with a clear vision that Get was a viable product with a strong potential market.

At first glance, it is a little challenging to determine just what Get all about. This is because it looks so simple – and familiar in a FitBit sort of way – and since it does some novel things, none of which are new. The real cleverness of Get is how the brothers have introduced a range of existing wrist-based functionalities collectively seamlessly and in a simple, elegant bracelet.

Now, one of many not completely new things that make Get so compelling is the flexibility to listen to phone calls, messages, and other audio – in complete privacy without a speaker or earphones. Instead, Get develops bone conduction tech. To listen, all you need to do is touch your ear like a futuristic super-spy. The sound is carried out via the Get bracelet, through the bones of your wrist, to your fingertip, which then conducts it directly to your ear’s cochlea via your skull.

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