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Continues Rise of Employment in The Field Of Cloud Computing

As enterprises migrate a continually expanding variety of their workloads to the cloud, they need an ever-increasing number of IT specialists with cloud computing skills. That is driving up cloud salaries and attracting more job candidates.

In response to PayScale, the average U.S. salary for staff with cloud computing skills is 122,000 USD. And the Robert Half Technology 2019 Tech and IT Wage Guide reported, “Cloud architects, cloud systems engineers, and cloud builders are among the many roles in excessive demand.” It additionally noted that cloud computing analysts near the top of their profession are earning between $118,00 and $159,500 per year.

Similarly, International Data is reporting high salaries for cloud-related certifications. In fact, in its list of top 15 Paying IT Certifications for 2019, three of the top five had been associated with cloud computing.

It is not just the money that’s attracting IT professionals to the cloud. Today, a wide variety of roles require cloud expertise. Developers, database administrators, systems administrators, even assist desk professionals are anticipated to have some knowledge on cloud computing. IT pros who do not have cloud experience or skills on their resume would possibly find it challenging to find a new job.

For IT staffers, then, it is a carrot-and-stick situation. The opportunity of higher pay is the carrot that makes moving into a cloud computing role desirable, and the threat of potential irrelevance is the stick that makes it appear necessary.

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