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Atrium 5 From Polk Audio- the Best Outdoor Speaker

Many people have a deck, patio, or even a pool in our backyards, and we wish to spend time on the floor when the climate is delightful.

Music could make an enormous difference in your outdoor entertaining. We’ve tried several ways to carry music outdoors, most recently with small Bluetooth speakers. However, I’ve additionally been on the lookout for a speaker solution I can keep outside.

we have been testing a pair of the outdoor speakers known as the Atrium 5 from Polk Audio.

They’re designed to live outdoors, so extreme cold, warmth and even rain will not damage them.

The Atrium 5 is a pair of twin-driver speakers that come in black or white. Additionally, they include some handy directions for painting them to match your home.

Every speaker houses a 5-inch midrange-woofer and a ¾-inch tweeter.

The speaker enclosure is all-climate certified and water-resistant to withstand salt fog, UV rays, extreme high and low temperatures, and heavy rain.

They each have a metal C bracket to allow them to mount vertically or horizontally on a wall. You’ll be able to take away the bracket if you want to set the speakers on a flat floor.

The speakers’ peak power is 100 watts, and the nominal power is 33 watts.

These are not powered speakers. They must be connected to an amplifier or receiver. I have been working them from a Sonos Connect Amp.

Getting good sound outdoors may be tough.

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