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Democratic National Will Be Providing Free Health-Care to Illegal Immigrants

Democratic National Committee Chairman Perez confirms his party endorses free health care for illegal immigrants. That puts illegals ahead of veterans struggling to qualify for civilian care, middle-class working stiffs priced out of ObamaCare and baby boomers dealing with the likelihood of Medicare cuts.

Eventually Thursday’s Democratic presidential debate, which included many of the front-runners, all ten candidates on stage flung up their hands when requested whether they would cover illegal immigrants.

The costs can be enormous. According to Pew Foundation researchers, 10.5 million illegal immigrants are living in the US now.

The real health insurance crisis in this nation isn’t about illegal immigrants. It’s in regards to the middle-class. The Affordable Care Act added thousands of mostly poor individuals to the insurance coverage rolls. However, the same law is driving premiums so high that middle-class individuals are priced out. They’re ineligible for government subsidies if they earn over $48,560 as individuals or $65,840 as a couple. Roughly five million individuals are going without coverage, in keeping with the Center on Finances and Policy Priorities.

Dems eyeing the White House never stated the plight of uninsured middle-class families. The message is obvious: Illegal immigrant lives matter, however vets’ lives and middle-class lives, not a lot.

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