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NASA Is Preparing For An Asteroid Attack

On the subject of extraterrestrial threats, you’ll be able to by no means be too cautious, and NASA and FEMA aren’t taking any possibilities.

The two companies, along with some worldwide teams, are holding a practice run of what would ensue in case an asteroid, comet or different close to-Earth object (NEO) got here hurtling towards the planet.

This sort of pure catastrophe isn’t very prone to occur, however, can be catastrophic within the uncommon probability that it truly does, NASA said in June 2018.

The two US companies are partnering with worldwide teams akin to NASA’s Planetary Protection Coordination Workplace (PDCO), the European House Company’s Area Situational Consciousness-NEO Phase and the International Asteroid Warning Nation (IAWN).

The drill is happening this week on the annual Planetary Defense Conference, the place scientists from throughout the globe collect to debate “threatening objects” to Earth. Particularly, they’ll take part in a fictional situation wherein an asteroid has an impressive trajectory with the Earth.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Heart for NEO Research (CNEOS) developed the fictional premise.

That is the image they’ve painted: It is March 26. Astronomers found a NEO that’s doubtlessly hazardous to Earth. After monitoring an asteroid that they dubbed 2019 PDC for months, they decided that it poses a 1 in 100 likelihood of effect with Earth in 2027. (Scientists have established these odds as the edge for motion.)

“These workout routines have actually helped us within the planetary protection neighborhood to know what our colleagues on the catastrophe administration facet must know,” NASA’s Planetary Protection Officer Lindley Johnson mentioned in an announcement. “This train will assist us to develop more practical communications with one another and with our governments.”

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