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They launched Movistar Play, the free streaming content service

In recent years, technological advances and new connectivity possibilities have changed the way people access and enjoy audiovisual content. In this context, Telefónica de Argentina announced on Monday the launch in Argentina of Movistar Play, a television service, series and streaming movies that will compete against Claro Video and Personal Video.

According to the telecommunications company, this new way of consuming content through the internet stands out for not depending on a monthly payment, such as the traditional cable subscription and the popular Netflix subscription service. Of course, Movistar Play is only available as an exclusive benefit for its customers.

How the service works
Movistar users who have internet in their somicilio or postpaid mobile plans can access videos, signals and movies – live and on demand – and enjoy these when and where they want (from the cell phone, PC, notebook, Tablet and Smart TV ). In addition, additionally, have the ability to add and remove paid subscriptions when they wish.

Movistar Play allows free access to exclusive content such as Movistar Series and Movistar eSports, series and movies on demand, and signals such as TV Pública and La Nación +, as well as offering the possibility of complementing the experience by adding other paid content.

In addition to these contents, customers can add to their content offer the “Classic Pack”, which contains air channels such as Channel 13, Telefé, America and Channel 9, news signals such as Todo Noticias, Crónica, C5N and A24, and channels of entertainment and music such as Quiero Música, Canal de la Música, Garage, PakaPaka and Encuentro, and soon others will be added. This pack has a cost of $ 190 (final) per month, and will be reflected in the invoice of the Movistar service of the client who hires it.

In addition, the movie rental function is also available, which allows you to choose the desired option in a catalog that contains premieres (very soon after your visit to movie theaters) and classics.

Another of the outstanding features of the platform is that it has the following advanced functions, which give the customer more possibilities to enjoy the entertainment experience in the way they prefer. That is, access to content 24 hours after its broadcast, the possibility of pausing live and start programming from the beginning, regardless of the original schedule.

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